What is Dry Mode for Air Conditioning?

woman pointing remote control at split system air conditioner to enable dry mode

Dry mode is a function on many ducted and split system air conditioners that helps to reduce humidity levels. Too much humidity can make you feel clammy and uncomfortable even if you have your a/c on and set at a low temperature. It can also cause a range of other issues, such as:

  • condensation on your windows.
  • wet stains on your ceilings and walls.
  • mould in your bathroom.
  • a musty smell.
  • breathing problems for people who have respiratory issues such as asthma. 

Check your air con remote control to see if you have the dry mode feature on your system. Depending on the model, it will usually either have the word ‘dry’ on a button if you have it, or a button with a droplet icon. 

When should you run the dry mode on an air conditioner?

It’s best to use the dry mode function when there’s a lot of moisture in the air and the temperature isn’t too hot or cold. It removes the moisture and lowers the humidity level. The a/c unit sucks in the moist air and releases it as drier, cool air instead. 

High humidity levels are associated with tropical climates and often happen before storms are about to hit. You can feel it. 

Can you use dry mode air con all day?

You should only use dry mode when the air is humid. It’s usually not as effective at cooling your home on hot days as the cool mode. The cool mode’s main purpose is to cool air, while the dry mode’s main function is to remove moisture.

In addition, running the dry mode on an air con for too long can cause the humidity level in your home or office to drop too low. Drying the air too much can result in issues such as dry eyes, a sore throat and breathing issues.

A healthy humidity level is anywhere between 30 and 50%. 

Is it expensive to run air conditioners in dry mode?

No, running dry mode is actually more cost-effective than cool mode. That’s because the air con system’s compressor runs at a slower pace in dry mode. But as mentioned above, you shouldn’t run dry mode for more than an hour or two to lower the humidity. 

You can lower your cool mode running costs by only having your air con switched on when you need it, and not having your temperature level set too low. 24 degrees is usually a comfortable temperature setting. 

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