Energy Efficient Wall Sensor Systems in Perth and WA

Individual Temperature Control Wall Sensors

Individual Temperature Control (ITC) adds a greater degree of energy efficiency and comfort to your air conditioning system.  Individual rooms within your home can experience huge temperature discrepancies depending on their orientation, and whether they are up or down stairs.  With E-Zone and MyAir5 you can send more air manually to the hotter rooms, however this can be done automatically by upgrading your system to ITC.  Each ITC sensor is like a thermostat which gives you individual room temperature control, by instructing the system to continually adjust airflow to maintain your selected temperature.

The Airforce difference in air conditioning service

We provide two ITC sensors with each system installed, and recommend upgrading your system to have ITC sensors in each zone. In particular we recommend installing ITC in the hotter west facing or upstairs rooms to ensure they stay at a comfortable temperature as the day heats up. Sensors can be added during or after your air conditioning installation.


Every room with an ITC sensor can be selected as the MyZone – the rooms that acts as the thermostat for your entire home. MyZone by Advantage Air gives you more choice and control over how you run your air conditioning system. In summer – choose the hottest room as the MyZone, and this ensures that every room with ITC will achieve your ideal temperature.


  • Energy efficient
  • Sleek design
  • Can be retro fitted
  • Acts as individual thermostats