Evaporative Air Conditioning

Evaporative Air Conditioning

Evaporative air conditioning draws air into your home, cooling and moisturising the air by passing it over wet pads. The air is directed throughout your home by ducts, and the fan speed dictates how much air moves through the house, and hence the temperature.

Evaporative Air Con In Perth

As evaporative systems work by air movement, doors and windows should be kept open making for a lovely summer feeling. The latest evaporative units can be controlled by touch screens. Evaporative air conditioning is a cooling only system.


At Airforce Airconditioning our preferred brand of evaporative cooling system is Rinnai. Rinnai have a range of evaporative cooling systems to suit everyone’s needs without compromising on quality.


  • Variable fan speeds
  • Requires less water usage
  • Reliable system
  • Quiet to run during the night
  • Economical

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