The Benefits of Air Conditioning

It’s about time we cleared the air and you reaped the rewards.

We often have lovely weather in Perth but on those rare occasions we don’t, wouldn’t it be nice to have the comfort of air conditioning? Air conditioners are no longer a luxury. These days they have become a popular feature in the workplace and in many homes. They are also becoming increasingly affordable. If you’re considering getting yourself an air conditioner, allow us to help you make the decision easier for you.

What comes to mind when someone says “benefits of air conditioning”? Most likely, it goes one of two ways: either we think air conditioning will ensure we keep nice and cool in the heat or we think it will ensure we keep nice and warm in the cold. In both cases, we wouldn’t be wrong; we wouldn’t be entirely correct either though. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to this piece of modern-day technology.

Not completely convinced? Still up in the air about the value of air conditioning? We live and breathe air conditioning. Let’s shed some light on the many benefits that air conditioning presents:

Comfort is one of those things we can’t exactly touch but we all recognise and appreciate. Air conditioners make your home more comfortable. When you have an air conditioner, the need to keep doors and windows open is minimised. With that, you also keep out unwanted visitors such as insects, pests and noise pollution. The ability to regulate the heat in your home also means that you can prevent getting irritating heat rashes. To cap it all off, a good night’s sleep comes a whole lot easier under these conditions.

By virtue of purifying the air and improving its quality, air conditioners help prevent asthma attacks and allergic reactions. This is because they filter out and trap dangerous toxins, dust particles and pollen from outside.

Modern-day technology has given air conditioners the capability of dehumidifying the air and keeping humidity at comfortable levels. This means that at the touch of a button you can control both the temperature and rid yourself of uncomfortable ‘stickiness’.

Airforce Airconditioning specialises in a host of different air conditioning solutions whether residential or commercial. We’ve shared a few nuggets on the many benefits that improve the quality of your home life but we also welcome the opportunity to give you more and answer any questions you may have.

If you’re looking to benefit from quality air conditioning we would love to hear from you. Contact us today.

Benefits of Office Air Conditioners

Love them or hate them, you can’t ignore their benefits

Many of us work in boxes, some are hot while others are cold, but it’s very rare that the temperature is just right. Even though the temps may vary, we still end up breathing in the same air for nine hours every day, which leads to illness, and surprisingly, a lack of productivity.

Go ahead, blame the bad air for your late report or mistake-riddled sales pitch, it really could be a factor. Studies have found that temperatures of 24 and above make staff lethargic, more prone to making mistakes, and stress. Cooler than 21 degrees and everyone is too cold to think straight. As it appears, the ideal temperature is between 21 and 22 degrees Celsius, which is easy enough to achieve with an air conditioner.

Before jumping up and down and throwing bad press at air conditioners, you need to take into account the many benefits that these machines offer. Here are a few to help you see that it’s not the enemy:

Improved air quality

Because recycled air is a petri dish for viruses, offices become breeding grounds for coughs, colds, and flu. Air conditioners have air filters that clean the air as it circulates through the system. This reduces the dust, odours, and allergens in the air, which is required for the health of everyone at work, particularly allergy and asthma sufferers.

Energy efficiency

The drive towards more environmentally friendly technology means that air conditioners are evolving with the times. Eco-friendly options are available, which will save you a lot on your energy bills, and give Mother Nature a break. There are many types available, from split systems to the larger VRF designs, which are overtaking the ducted systems as eco-friendly.

Improves productivity

The hotter the environment the worse the productivity. Staff get hot and bothered and are annoyed by things that wouldn’t normally affect them. Opening the windows is an option, but that just lets in warm air. An air con helps to reduce the temperature to an even keel, keeping the interior cool on those blazing summer days. When employees are cooler and more comfortable, the mood is lighter and more work gets done.

Lowers security risk

You may be scratching your head at this one, but many business owners have confirmed that not only does the air conditioning help to keep the machines cool, but the security risk is much lower. No more leaving windows open during the night and risking a loss of office property.

Good for business

Do you want your clients melting on the floor? It’s bad for business if they are hot and irritable. They won’t really focus during meetings and visits to your office may become less frequent. Temper the indoor climate with an air conditioner.

The benefits to installing an air conditioner in your office are extensive. Contact Airforce Airconditioning for a product that will suit your office size and temperature requirements.

The History Of Air Conditioning

Keeping your cool through the ages – from hand fans to electric air-conditioners

Back in the day, before you and I, before electricity, in fact, before most things, there weren’t many options to keep cool. It got hot and you suffered – simple. You could try hiding from the sun in your cave or under a tree, but you had to be on the constant lookout for giant creatures with a taste for humans and teeth to match.

Let’s face it, centuries ago, you were more concerned with staying alive than staying cool. If you were near a body of water, then good for you, you could jump in and cool off, depending on what predators lurked in their depths of course.

Hand fans

At some stage, someone started waving a branch with leaves around and realised the slight breeze provided them with some limited cooling comfort. And the first hand fan was invented. Not particularly user friendly and with limited effectiveness, it was still probably the original ancestor to today’s modern cooling systems.

The use of hand fans dates as far back as 3000 years to China, but they were labour intensive and the benefit didn’t always match the effort. If you could afford a professional waver (read slave), then you were sorted.

When in Rome

In ancient Rome, wealthy citizens devised their own cooling system. They would use their ahead-of-the-times aqueduct system to distribute water through the walls of their homes. This would give them some much needed respite when conducting their decadent lifestyles in scorching conditions.

Although, in this ultra-macho age, many people were mocked for trying to stay cool instead of taking it like a real Roman was supposed to.

When rich in DC

Back in the 1880s, then American president James Garfield, who was in ill health and struggling to deal with Washington D.C.’s harsh summer conditions, received the benefit of a rather crude home-made air conditioning system. It consisted of an awkward device, which blew air through cotton sheets doused in ice water. Apparently they used close to 225 000 kilos of ice in just two months.

The rise of electric powered fans

Electricity, and in particular, Nikola Tesla’s invention of alternating current motors, made all the difference and brought about the popularity of oscillating fans in the early 20th century. Not long after, a 25-year-old New York engineer, Willis Carrier, developed the first modern air-conditioning system, which delivered air through water-cooled coils. The purpose here was not so much to cool down humans but to lower the humidity levels in the printing plant where he worked.

This large and ungainly machine was improved upon, and in 1922 the centrifugal chiller was invented. This allowed engineers to add a central compressor to the mechanism, which drastically reduced the cooling unit’s size.

This system was used in American theatres during those unbearably hot summers, when people would flock to the cinemas to cool down. And so the term ‘summer blockbuster’ was coined.

By the 1930s, air conditioners were being used in retail department stores, on trains and in offices, often resulting in a significant increase in productivity levels. It took the residential market a good few decades to catch up. By 1965, only 10% of US homes used an air-conditioner, and by 2007 this number had reached 86%.

Air conditioners lead to a population shift

The rise in popularity of air conditioning systems has made many cities, once considered unbearable to live in because of the heat, more attractive places to live and work. This has resulted in major long- term population shifts among the US populace.

We’ve come a long way from suffering in the heat, and modern air conditioning systems have changed the way we work and live. These days, just make sure that when you do decide to buy or install an air-conditioning system, that it’s the right one for your home or business. You can do this by dealing with an established and reliable team of professionals.

Contact your local air-conditioning specialists and never be uncomfortable indoors again.

Award-Winning Air Conditioners

“I am more than happy to share our experience with Airforce Airconditioning, and definitely in a positive way. From the time of quote to installation I did not experience any problems. I received a prompt, efficient and friendly service and will definitely be recommending Air Force to friends and family.” – Frank, North Perth

This is just one of many glowing testimonials received from our customers. Our job is simple: we’re here to keep you warm during winter and cool you down on those hot summer days. While simple, it is a job Airforce Airconditioning does to the highest standard possible – and then some. So why are we the preferred supplier of quality air conditioning?

There are many reasons why people like Frank continue to select our services:

Award-winning solutions

For the last four years, our services have gained plenty of attention and a few awards, including;

We’re betting on 2016 being an even better year.

Experts in residential air-conditioning

When it comes to exceptional customer service, we don’t settle, instead we believe there are many solutions to a problem. To ensure you receive the best one, our team of qualified technicians will come to your home, assess your requirements and provide an air-conditioning product that suits your needs and budget.

Commercial air-conditioning

Whether you own an office building, warehouse, small industrial site or an apartment block, our dedicated team of technicians is capable of sorting out any complex situation. Our specialists are friendly and knowledgeable – you and your business will be in good hands.

We have worked on various buildings of all sizes, including; schools, universities, industrial complexes, shopping malls, retail buildings, large office blocks, apartments as well as specialist premises like data centres, where keeping the correct temperature can be critical to your business’s success.

Maintenance services

We offer an annual servicing at a reasonable rate to keep your system in good condition. An annual service is the best way to ensure that your system remains trouble-free.

Annual servicing of ducted system includes:

Annual servicing of split systems includes:

For more information on our premium services, contact our staff at Airforce Airconditioning. We will assist you in obtaining a manufacturer’s warranty on air conditioning units and ducting supplies on systems that we have installed. Please contact us to arrange for a site visit to assess any maintenance or repairs required to your air conditioning system.

10 Good Reasons to Choose a Daikin Specialist Dealer (DSD)

Quality service for quality products

Daikin is one of the most popular, trusted air-conditioning brands in Australia. They have established their brand over many years by manufacturing outstanding products and choosing those that represent them very carefully. When you deal with a Daikin dealer, you deal with a quality-approved supplier, installer and service provider who has to stick to very high standards. There are many fly-by-night dealers of various brands out there, but there are also 10 good reasons why you should choose a Daikin specialist dealer ahead of the rest.

  1. Specialist advice

All Daikin dealers are specialists. They know their products and are experts in their field. Their expertise will ensure that you get the best air conditioning advice, and that you get the right air conditioner to suit your requirements. This is important because if an air conditioner is too small, it will prove inadequate for the job, and if it’s too big it could mean excessive energy bills.

  1. Trustworthy and Reliable

All Daikin Specialist Dealers are committed to providing the highest level of service, trustworthiness and reliability. They have all passed a rigorous process in order to be appointed a DSD, and they have to maintain these high standards in order to remain a specialist dealer.

  1. Competitive pricing

DSDs receive their stock direct from Daikin, cutting out the middleman and allowing them to offer competitive pricing, which will cover both the cost of the air conditioner as well as the installation.

  1. Detailed quotations and proposals

DSDs provide clear cut quotations and proposals with a range of suitable options. They explain the entire process clearly allowing customers to make an informed decision.

  1. Quality Installations

DSDs will ensure your air conditioner is installed quickly and efficiently with no mess or fuss. They will make sure the system works and that the area is clean before leaving the premises.

  1. Clear explanations & demonstrations

Once your air conditioner is installed and operating properly, a DSD staff member will give you a thorough demonstration of how to operate your system. This will ensure that you get the best use and maximum comfort from your investment.

  1. Service And Maintenance

DSDs will not abandon their customers post installation. Instead, they provide a professional repair and maintenance service ensuring that your air conditioner operates at optimal efficiency.

  1. Excellent Customer Service

Daikin ensures that all their representatives offer a high-quality customer service that matches the quality of their products. DSDs always strive to resolve any issues as quickly as possible, ensuring minimal disruption to your home or business.

  1. Rest comfortably and assured

DSDs will ensure you of a comfortable home and office, and provide you with the peace of mind that you have the best products and the best possible support.

  1. Backed by a leading brand

DSDs are committed to providing the best possible service, and they do this safe in the knowledge that they are backed by the leading air conditioning brand in the country. DSDs also enjoy access to Daikin’s extensive portfolio and their vast technical resources.

When you buy a Daikin product make sure you buy from a Daikin Specialist Dealer, and enjoy all year round comfort in your home or office.